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What is Emotional Fitness?

Emotional Fitness refers to our ability to feel and trust the full array of our emotions, in order to more efficiently create the circumstances, success and ‘flow’ we desire in life. Our emotions and emotional programming, hence Emotional Fitness, heavily influence our thoughts and ability to attract the circumstances in life and business we desire.

Like a muscle, our emotions only support us if we use them. Hence good Emotional Fitness refers to our ability to be aware and in-tune emotionally, able to understand and feel the full array of emotions. Not just being positive, able to handle and beneficially use negative emotions, rather than suppress them.



Our emotions and emotional programming create our level of performance in every aspect of life.

Self Esteem

How good we feel internal about ourselves is determined by our emotional programming and inner baggage.

Creating Success

Our Emotional Fitness and emotional programming determine what we attract into our life.

Understanding Emotional Fitness

If you have the misfortune of feeling the physical pain resulting from getting a splinter in your finger, most people will do something about it. Chances are very high you will do everything they can to extract that splinter to releave the pain.

Yet with emotions, if we feel pain or sadness, many people switch gears into a different focus to cut off the pain. Most likely because we don’t know methods to benefit from the negative emotions of pain and sadness. This is the core of good Emotional Fitness to have a toolkit of ways to build our emotional capacity.

Good Emotional Fitness is to be aware and open and able to express our emotions and then use these feelings for growth. One simple method a person can do one their own is Emotional Trigger Release, which is a technique anybody who is trained can use to drop into negative feelings to be able to release the underlying layers which create those feelings. The net result is releasing emotional baggage to gain real personal growth and a more healthy inner confidence.

Why is this site different?

This is a social network, similar to a mini facebook community in that you can become friends with others, view timelines and achievements. Also, join groups and private message others to be part of an amazing Emotional Fitness Community.


This site was created with the desire to empower people with the best tools, techniques and knowledge around emotions and Emotional fitness. To inspire people to feel in control with a healthy self-esteem, able to achieve their desires and high-performance in all aspects of life.

What Our Clients Say

Below are client comments about working with Unboxed Performance Founder, Robert Robertson.

“Robert provides his clients support and encouragement to get clarity on their goals and intentions, and then delivers strategies to help make them happen. He goes above and beyond to ensure his clients succeed! Highly recommended.”

Anne Boswell

Director, Brightspark Communications

“Wow. I just did my first session with Rob on Emotional Fitness and am amazed and delighted. I got some real insights and came away with a set of practical and helpful tools that I can use straight away to become more aware of my largely hidden emotional life and integrate some very powerful but unhelpful deep-seated drivers. Don’t worry if you see yourself as more analytical or intuitive, cerebral or emotional, introverted or extroverted: Rob’s approach together with his real skills and deep experience will work for you. Thank you, Rob!”

Clare Feeney

Director, Environmental Communications Ltd

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