The following video is an inspirational take on how self belief can increase your sales success. During more then 10 years of leading sales training programs, I have always said that belief in what we sell is one of the most important factors that influence out success. In the below video titled The One Thing Holding You Back From Converting More Sales Calls,  from Laura-Jane Sarkodee, she takes this theory to an entirely new level, explaining how critical this area is to our success in selling. She explains the 3 areas of confidence are, confidence in yourself, confidence in your offer, and confidence in your ability to sell.

Laura-Jane Sarkodee then goes on to explain how her personal sales conversion rate went from 1 out of 4, up to 3 out of 4 with her shift in confidence. I find her story and insights very inspirational as I reflect myself on areas I could improve my own confidence. Perhaps this topic and my realisations today, and resulting actions will be the topic of my next blog post!