Does anybody really enjoy being yelled at aggressively?

I imagine we can all say that we have been yelled at in a fit of rage, yet I also imagine nobody would say they enjoy it. Although some may say it was beneficial to the yeller perhaps. Although that is another debate again.

In my career, a particular loud angry aggressive yelling boss has been a major career motivation for me. This CEO who will remain nameless, certainly had some serious unresolved anger issues. He would yell at the top of his voice at all his reports, and all of us on the executive team coped it on many occasions but it was never fun at the time. In fact I did take legal advice about this practice which the lawyer referred to as bullying, which was certainly against the law. Yet fighting his aggression with similar means would have been career suicide I felt at the time.

This feeling of coping an aggressive outburst has served as a major motivation because I saw how detrimental is was to me and all my workmates. It has served as a motivation for my career in team performance and leadership strategy, always seeking to learn the magical formula of how to inspire and achieve that spark of a peak performance team culture. That is the why that drives me to make a difference in my work with corporate and sports teams, to ensure that teams enjoy and are able to achieve vastly more with the right high performance team culture.

I also love working with CEO’s and leaders who are open to Emotional Fitness work. I teach the Emotional Fitness Workout to be able to channel any non-positive emotions into gaining significant personal growth.

Simon Sinek has also been a major inspiration for me with his work on purpose, understanding your why. This is such a valuable motivator of people and teams. And can be used to align teams and companies around a shared vision and purpose. For more details on his model, please follow this link for his well known TED talk.